How to find the hairdresser of your dreams? Stylist-colorist tells!

An ATN reader and a colorist who loves his job - about her favorite beauty hacks and how to find the hairdresser of your dreams. For further details read click here about hairdresser tool.

There are professionals in the hair industry among our readers! Having learned about this, the ATH editorial staff could not help but talk to Alla Bazarna, a hairdresser and colorist. A resident of Novosibirsk specializes in complex staining and reads us with interest. We decided to ask Alla how to find a hairdresser that suits you and make sure that a new hairstyle never causes regret.

How to find a hairdresser: top tips from a professional

ATN: How do you usually introduce yourself when you meet new people?

Previously, choosing from all the options what to call myself - a hair master, a stylist-colorist, and so on - she invariably answered this question: "I am a hairdresser." I wanted to sound as simple as possible. Only then I came to the fact that I am doing hairdressing . Not an easy thing to do. And she began to speak that way.

ATN: Do you have an interesting story related to choosing a profession? What do you like about her?

I have an atypical history of choosing a profession as a hairdresser. Often people from childhood show interest in this work: for example, weaving dolls in pigtails, painting mothers and neighbors. Or, by coincidence, they end up at a hairdressing college after school and are fired up by this business for life. Or they just like to do something with their hands - in other words, they have a penchant for it.

My journey began quite late. I have tried a bunch of professions: from a guide in Europe and an interpreter to a cameraman. But she quickly lost interest in everything.

At some point, I thought that I was no one else, but I never worked with my hands. I decided to go from the opposite and choose the business with which I least associate myself and try. In two days I made a decision and went to hairdressing courses. Indulge in, in fact. I thought it would be easy and quick to cool down. But it was delayed, because this is a truly multifaceted profession.

Chemistry, psychology, trichology, color sense , stylistics, physical skills, creativity, communication. Plus photography, promotion of my work, an elementary understanding of marketing. Learning new things goes on continuously. I liked that there are so many things to study and practice, that this is working with different people, situations, solving complex problems.

I like that the brain works and all your qualities are pumped, that you constantly develop and grow. And in the process, you give the received energy to your clients. For me, my profession is a constant challenge, a desire to do better, to bring joy to a person. For this joy I work.

ATN: Many people complain that they can't find a hairdresser who suits them. Here's how to do it?

Oh, the most difficult question. It's like choosing a partner for a relationship - the taste and color. I observe a tendency that even if the master did everything well, and the client is satisfied with everything, and even there is the same chemistry between them ... Anyway, the next time the client can go somewhere else - so it is difficult to give advice. After all, everyone has their own selection criteria.

Often you want novelty , and at the same time it's scary that something will go wrong. In this case, you can go to a salon with a good reputation and a big name, because there is an appropriate high level of services and there is less chance of running into an incompetent specialist, especially if you choose a top master.

But unfortunately, there are no guarantees that this is how you will find yours. People come to me mainly through word of mouth, on recommendations. People trust live reviews.

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